Most popular courses

Here are just a few of my most popular courses

The 3 Minute Languages method

Learn the language in small chunks

I break down the language into its smallest components, and then I show you how to build them back together again. You can use these building blocks to form your own sentences and say what you really want.

Learn to say things you will use

I start the course by teaching you the most useful parts of the language, meaning you will actually be able to use it immediately. You'll be speaking and forming your own sentences from the very first lesson!

Build the language naturally

You will start by learning a base vocabulary that you will then build on gradually through each lesson. You'll learn vocabulary as well as look at grammar in a unique and very easy-to-understand way, allowing you play around with the language and say what you want. You'll also get lots of opportunities for practising what you've learnt, so you don't have to worry about forgetting things

Courses for all levels

3 Minute Languages
For complete beginners

The 3 Minute Languages course is perfect for the complete beginner; I break the language down into small blocks and show you how to build it back together again. You'll also find out why keeping lessons to three-minute chunks is a great way to learn.

Building Structures courses
A new way to look at languagese

My series called "Building Structures" breaks down the language into 15 structures and shows you how to manipulate them to say anything you like. This course series can be used by complete beginners but also by those more familiar with the language.

Grammar courses

Grammar is the backbone to any language, and without it, you can't be free in a language. However, it's also the nemesis of many language learners. With my collection of grammar courses, you'll learn grammar in a fun, easy-to-understand way.