Quizlet cards for Lesson 1

I'm not sure if you've heard of a website called "Quizlet", but it's basically a website that uses online cue cards to help you revise things.

I've added some Quizlet cards for you to use to test your knowledge as you go through this course. You don't have to use Quizlet to complete the course; I've simply added it as an extra bonus revision technique for students who enjoy having various ways to study.

I've added two sets of Quizlet cards for each lesson: a "Vocabulary Recap" set and then a "Let's Practise" set.

Vocabulary Recap: https://quizlet.com/_6vnvy5

Let's Practise: https://quizlet.com/_6vnwes

What can you do on Quizlet?

Once you click the link, you will be taken straight to the set of cards where you can do several different activities, including:

Learn: This is a multiple choice "matching up" quiz, where you just have to match the French to the English

Write: This is a bit trickier that the "Learn" option, because you have to write the correct answer rather than just pick it from a list of choices. If you click the little "Options" button, you can choose to write the answers in English or in French. (If you choose to write in French, you get buttons so that you can add accents to any letters that need them)

Spell: With this option, somebody says the word and you have to write it down. Change the options so that you're listening to the French word spoken rather than the English, otherwise it's a little pointless!

Test: The test puts lots of different question types in one quiz. You have written questions, matching questions, multiple choice questions and True/False questions

Match: This is a game where you drag the words in one language to the matching word in the other language. You get timed and then placed on the leaderboard. Oh, and you can win badges!

Gravity: This is another game that has something to do with saving planets. You have to type the words. If you click "Options", you can make it easier or harder and change which language you type. You also go up the levels as you get faster

Anyway, all of this is just a little bit of fun to really embed the words and phrases in your head. Remember, you don't have to do it, so if it isn't your thing, just skip this, if not, I hope you enjoy :-)

Vocabulary Recap: https://quizlet.com/_6vnvy5

Let's Practise: https://quizlet.com/_6vnwes

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